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The Mission of Search Engines
Search engines generate revenue primarily through paid advertising. The great majority of this revenue comes from a pay-per-click (or cost*per-dick) model in which the advertisers pay only lor users who click on their ads.
Since web searchers arc Ircc to use any ol the many available search engines on the Web to (Ind what they are seeking, the burden Is on the search engines to develop a relevant, fast, and fresh search experience.

For the most part, search engines accomplish this by being perceived as having the most relevant results and delivering them the fastest, as users will go to the search engine they think will get them the answers they want in the least amount of time.








As a result, search engines Invest a tremendous amount of time, energy, and capital In Improving their relevance. This Includes performing extensive studies of user responses to their search results, comparing their results against those of other search engines, conducting eye- tracking studies (discussed later in this chapter), and conducting PR and marketing campaigns.

Because the search engines' success depends so greatly on the relevance ol their search results, manipulations of search engine rankings that result in non-relevant results (generally referred to as>/ni»n are dealt with very seriously. Each major  search engine employs a team of |>people who focus solely on finding and eliminating spam from their search results.

Tills matters to SEO practitioners because they need to lie careful that the tactics they employ will not be seen as spam by the search engines and carry the risk of resulting in penalties for the websites they work on.

The Market Share of Search Engines
Figure I-I shows the U.S. market share for search engines In January 2009. according to comScore. As you can see. Googk* Is the dominant search engine on the Web In the United States.
In many European countries, the disparity is even greater. However, in some markets Google is not dominant. In China, for instance. Baidu is the leading search engine. The result is that in most world markets, a heavy focus on SEO Is a smart strategy for Google.

The Human Goals of Searching
The basic goal of a human searcher Is to obtain Information relevant to her inquiry. However, searcher Inquiries can take many different forms. One ol the most Important elements to building an online marketing strategy for a website around SEO and search rankings is always changing.

The internet marketing agency
Sometimes, finding that perfect audience can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But in working with our team of experience planners and buyers, you can be confident that you will acquire high value customers efficiently, successfully, creatively and speedily.

Our team works with you to plan and execute cost effective, innovative solutions across postal, email, SMS, telephone, packaged and press insert channels. Whether you need to reach people with an atypical profile or a much more general audience we will pinpoint the right prospects using the right channel mix.

With over 8,000 possible data sources to choose from, we propose a completely neutral, informed and reasoned data solution and seek to evaluate and improve campaign performance, keep you informed of new and emerging opportunities and manage the entire campaign planning process.

Fundamentally, we'll help you see a clearer picture of this increasingly complex media and data landscape

SEO Adaccus is about researching, measuring and developing SEO campaigns for Surrey and UK businesses that want more from their internet presence. With every decision we make, we consider what it means for your internet marketing campaign - your brand, your budget, your customers, your prospects, your competition and your market.

We work to:

  • Increase brand recognition
  • Integrate seamlessly with off-line marketing initiatives and targets
  • Enhance credibility through timely and relevant offerings Promote customer loyalty through memorable online experiences


Adaccus is please to promote its new link building service. Adaccus will release prices in the summer of 2011. However to date Adaccus has had a number of successes in undertaking client linking strategies and has won a number of awards for this and by delivering a number of other SEO metric.


Other exciting develops include branching out into Paid Search. Not only is Adaccus now recruiting for new ppc account managers but is soon to be launching its very own PPC platform for external ppc management.

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